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Policies and Procedures




Please use the Shopping Cart to place all orders. 


We reserve the right to limit the quantities ordered of individual items.   


Our preferred payment method is PAYPAL which offers both our customers and our company secured credit card processing.  PayPal allows the use of your credit card with confidentiality and security.  More information is available at http://www.paypal.com - Please follow the PAYPAL prompts, after making your selections, to complete your transaction.


Money Orders are also an acceptable payment option - details for sending your payment will be given as the order is processed so please watch the order screens carefully.  If paying by money order, we will need to receive payment within 7 days.    Since all merchandise is held until payment is received, prompt payment is appreciated.    If payment is not received in the requested time frame, items may be subject to availability, and/or your order may be delayed pending restocking of the merchandise or canceled.    At our discretion, we reserve the right to limit future orders to credit card payment only.  We do not accept personal checks.   




NOTE:  Postal Rates increased in January of 2016 For the first time in four years we were forced to raise our shipping to accomodate the new rates.  We apologies in advance to all of our customers. 

Updated (2/16) will be assessed approximately as follows but may vary +/- by the pieces purchased:  



Number of Pieces  Cost
Up to 4 Items $8.95
5 - 8 Items $11.95
8 - 13 Items $14.95
14 - 18 Items $18.95
18 -23 Items $21.95
24 + Items - Max Charge $24.95



Extremely large orders and Buildings may be assessed additional S&H. Some items, due to weight, may be considered to be more than on (1) item.   We use USPS Priority mail as our only preferred shipping vendor due to its cost efficiency tracking and insurance and prompt delivery time (3 - 7 business days), but please allow up to 10 business days for delivery.   





Please contact us vie email at mini-motors@comcast.net to place an order and make payment arrangements. We will need your name and complete mailing/delivery address to process an order. We will process your order manually. Our Shopping Cart is currently exclusive to orders within the United States. International orders will be required to pay via PAYPAL. International orders are generally shipped at actual cost plus fees and $3.00 US to cover extra documentation and processing time, we are required to deliver International orders directly to the post office. Customs document will reflect actual value of purchase. It is illegal to use any other value. PLEASE NOTE: International Shipments are shipped at BUYERS RISK. We are not able to offer insurance or tracking. Once the item it out of the US Postal Service control we have no tools to monitor the package or its handling and therefore can not accept responsibility. Please be aware of this when placing International Orders/order shipped outside of the United States.



Minnesota residents will be assessed state tax in accordance with state law and local requirements.  Current State tax assessment is 7.275%.



Damaged merchandise will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.    If there is a problem with your order, please email us.    We strive to be fair to all of our customers.   We are not responsible for Manufacturer defects or issues.  Order issues need to be addressed immediately - We will not address order issues greater than 30 days old, this includes pre-orders.   Authorized returns are valid for 7 days once Return Authorization (RA number) is given - we will not accept delayed returns.  Our policies are in place to protect all of our customers - we appreciate your understanding. 



We review our pricing frequently.  We strive to beat most online retailers to the best of our ability.  We also strive to maintain a fair shipping and handling charge for our customers.  We DO NOT price by casting as with other online retailers (i.e. pricing the most popular castings at a price more profitable that the others in a series).  All cars of a particular series are priced identically and will go through markdowns identically until sold.   The only exceptions would be the result of special promotions on particular items.  We do our best to watch other online vendors and adjust accordingly. 



We have worked through many varieties of pre-order formats over the years.    Due to cancellations and failures to pay, we have opted to utilize a pre-payment method.    This secures the items immediately for the buyer and eliminates additional contact and processing on the back end.    We have found that most customers want their orders shipped as quickly as possible ? this process helps to expedite that.    The elimination of additional processing on the backside also helps us to continue our policy of keeping pricing as low as possible.   


All pre-orders include postage in their final price.    Please keep that in mind when comparing our prices to other sites.    This will allow us to ship items purchased with a pre-order without having to wait for the item to be stocked.  Pre-orders will generally hit the site a few weeks before product arrives, and will always be for full sets.    Once pre-orders are fulfilled and the site is updated, all items will shift to individual sales.




We have a rather extensive wholesale offering.  If you are interested in purchasing wholesale from us, please create a user ID on our site and then contact us at mini-motors@comcast.net with that ID.  We will provide information at that time. 





      With the environment being inundated with harmful products and over flowing landfills,

We do our best to utilize re-useable cartons, packaging (including newspaper) and re-cycled foam peanuts for internal padding. With that understanding, we hope our customers will not mind seeing a re-cycled box or packing supplies used in their shipments. 

We will always strive to maintain proper packaging, regardless of materials used.    



Most of all - Thanks!!  We appreciate your business!!



Our CONTACT page contains all of our contact information.