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We have worked through many varieties of pre-order formats over the years. Due to cancellations and failures to pay, we have opted to utilize a pre-payment method. This secures the items immediately for the buyer and eliminates additional contact and processing on the back end. We have found that most customers want their orders shipped as quickly as possible ? this process helps to expedite that. The elimination of additional processing on the backside also helps us to continue our policy of keeping pricing as low as possible.
All pre-orders added will include postage in their final price. Please keep that in mind when comparing our prices to other sites. This will allow us to ship items purchased with a pre-order without having to wait for the item to be stocked. Pre-orders include the random chance to recieve a chase piece but is dependent upon manufacturer packaging.  Pre-orders will generally hit the site a few weeks before product arrives, and will always be for full sets. Once pre-orders are fulfilled and the site is updated, all items will shift to individual sales.
There are no available products under this category.